Crusader Cup Series 2018-2019 Standings After First Tournament

09.19.18 The first event in the Crusader Cup Series 2018-2019--the John Bapst End of Summer Tournament--is in the books and we have the current standings. There's a two-way tie for first and many competitors close on the leaders' heels.

Shrouded in mystery, the enigmatic Crusader Cup is on the line
for the winner of this year's Crusader Cup Series.

Thanks to Mike Dudley for contributing to this report.

Here are the Crusader Cup Standings after tournament #1!

1. Alain Blanchette 8
Evan Annis 8

3. Tommy Owen 7.5

4. Tobias Coffey 7
Evan Smith 7
Wyatt Hendrix 7

7. Leo Wlodkowski 6.5
Dan Robbins 6.5
Phil Lowell 6.5
Roger Hardison 6.5


Impressive.....from 84 yr.
old Jon

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