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Hi- Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Gary Mitchell? "Sarge" was Maine Chess Player if the year in 1996 and worked with me selling used bricks in South Berwick about 20 years ago and we have lost touch.
Thanks for any help-
John Cuzzone


Thanks for the updates.

My ICC handle is blunderprone like my chess improvement blog ( )

My dad seemed to have lost touch with the clan though he still keeps an eye on the chess scene in Maine.

I'm an RF engineer in Massachusetts working for Philips Medical.

Nice to hear from you!

Hi George,

Skip Hansen and Dan Centeneo still live in Brunswick, Cliff Nadeau who you may also remember probably lives in Freeport still, Mike Kaplan is a systems analyst in Florida, likewise Mike Eldridge in Rhode Island. I am in Freeport still and played on ICC as paladin1. Tried postal; too damned slow. OTB thing of the past with current demands on time. Maine chess went waaayyy downhill since the days of Jim Quirk's and George Cunningham's tireless organizing.


I grew up in Maine and cut my teeth in Maine Chess back in the late 70's and early 80's. I once was part of the Brunswick Chess team with My Dad (Ray), Graham Cooper, Mike Kaplan, Dan Centeneo, Skip Hansen and Cliff Nadeau. My question is what ever happenned to these teachers of mine (aside from my Dad)? I'm having a nostalgic moment while visiting your site. Thanks.

George Duval


Jim Quirk, one of the major forces in Maine Chess, who has been missed since leaving the state in the '80s, died February 23, 1997, in Alexandria, Louisiana at the age of 50. You can view the story here:

While growing up in Caribou in the 60's and 70's, Jim Quirk was someone to follow in the BDN chess columns. Whatever happened to him? I see there is a memorial tournament named after him, did he die?

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