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Official USCF Top Rated Players in Maine


Ive been active this year and my rating in the top 200 is no where to be found.

Hi John,

Your last USCF-rated tournament before the Sidekick Quads was in February 2011. Your rating change from the Sidekick Quads is not a published rating yet and that is why your name does not appear on the USCF's Top 200 Players in Maine list. When your ratings change is published, your name will appear on the list.

--Dan DeLuca

I don't see my name on the list and I have played in the last year.

I'd be willing to bet I can take on Andrew Bryan... He taught me everything I know about the art.

I've noticed that my name is not on the top 200 list O USCF members. So I'm requesting that it be added..a check on my rating put's it at 1806

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming I return to 'active play'.

Hello George,
The Top 200 list on lists the top 200 players who have had tournament activity in the last year. This filter gives the current active players in Maine. Otherwise the top players might all be from many years past. That is why your name does not appear. However you can put in different search parameters on the USCF search site.
--Dan DeLuca

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