Maine State Champions

1942 Carleton Fenley
1959 Harlow B. Daly
1960 Harlow B. Daly
1961 Harlow B. Daly
1962 Harlow B. Daly
1963 Harlow B. Daly
1964 Harlow B. Daly
1965 Harlow B. Daly
1966 Stanley J. Elowitch
1967 Stanley J. Elowitch
1968 Stanley J. Elowitch
1969 Harlow B. Daly
1970 Harlow B. Daly, Stanley J. Elowitch
1971 Stanley J. Elowitch
1972 Gary L. White
1973 Bill Edwards, Stanley J. Elowitch
1974 Stanley J. Elowitch
1975 John J. Morrill
1976 Graham Cooper, Erik Pearson
1977 Duane Mercier, Gary L. White
1978 Gary L. White
1979 Stanley J. Elowitch
1980 Mike Kaplan, Roger Morin, Scott Carter, Stanley J. Elowitch, Joel Malis
1981 Scott Carter
1982 Kerry P. Coffin
1983 Stanley J. Elowitch, Kerry P. Coffin
1984 Graham Cooper, Tim Bishop
1985 Graham Cooper
1986 Graham Cooper, Michael Lalikos
1987 Johan "Skip" Hansen, Kerry P. Coffin
1988 Jarod J. Bryan
1989 Danny Kopec
1990 Danny Kopec
1991 Anthony Gross, Guy Moreau
1992 Graham Cooper
1993 Chandler Yergin
1994 Chandler Yergin, Tim Bishop
1995 Aaron Lewis
1996 Chandler Yergin
1997 Ruben Babayan
1998 Jarod J. Bryan
1999 Stanley J. Elowitch
2000 Ruben Babayan
2001 Tim Bishop
2002 Ralph Townsend, Ghezai Menelik
2003 Jarod J. Bryan
2004 Jarod J. Bryan, Ruben Babayan
2005 Joseph St. Pierre
2006 Joseph St. Pierre
2007 Joseph St. Pierre, Jason Spector
2008 Jason Spector, Steven Dillon
2009 Ruben Babayan, Richard Judy, Roger Morin, David Plotkin, Andrey Savov, Alan Schalk
2010 Lucas McCain
2011 Alan Schalk
2012 Jarod Bryan, Matthew Fishbein, Aaron Spencer
2013 Ruben Babayan, Matthew Fishbein, Joshua Quint
2014 Jarod Bryan
2015 Jarod Bryan
2016 Matthew Fishbein
2017 Jarod Bryan
2018 Matthew Fishbein
2019 Wyatt Hendrix, Lucas McCain
2020 Jarod Bryan, Wyatt Hendrix

Maine Scholastic Champions

Historical Participation at Maine Scholastic Championships


Does Maine still have an annual Scholastic Tournament? If so, who would I reach out to in regards to this?

Note ChessRview archive (Feb 1961 p36) has picture of Carl Freeman as Maine State Champion (Search on Freeman) - in search engine use Chess Life archive

MAINE OPEN. WOn by Carl Freeman, of Boston, who upset the veteran defending champien. Harlow Daly, who finished 2nd. 3rd place was takcn by Bill Newberry of West Haven, Conn., with Larry Eldridge and Stuart Laughlin 4th and 5th on tiebreaking. No game scores furnished.

Belated shot from the Maine Championship (for story, see Jan. page 4): left to right: Stuart Laughlin, William Newberry, Champion Carl Freeman, Larry Eldridge and 1959 Maine State Champion Harlow B. Daly. Photo by Laughlin.

Presque Isle High School won the 1980 state championship. I still have the picture of us from the Bangor Daily News.

yes Dan I AM.

How come there hasn't been any posts in The Board Room for 3 years?

Hi John, We need a Board secretary who is willing to submit Board reports to Are you interested? --Dan

As the eldest son of James E. Palange I was told by family and friends my father was State of Maine chess champion in the 50's or 60's. I see this is not true, although I remember seeing trophy's. Do you have any other facts on his chess play. I was also told he beat Bobby Fischer in Boston where Mr. Fischer played 100 people at once and my father was the only one to beat him there. Thank you.

Hello Marius,

Thank you for the comment and inquiry on

I was able to find out more information on your dad and posted it on our main News page:

I hope all is well with you and family and I thank you again for the opportunity to remember your dad.

--Dan DeLuca

Now I have won a State Championship in 4 separate decades: the 80s,90s,00s,10s. Note Stan Elowitch has also accomplished this feat.

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