Second Annual Crusader Cup Championship

For all the Moxie!


A series of four tournaments will be held at John Bapst in Bangor:

       Bapst End of Summer Tournament: September 8th, 2018;

       Bapst Fall Tournament: October 27th, 2018;

       Bob Solinger Memorial Tournament: January 5th, 2019;

       John Bapst Open: May 4th, 2019

The Crusader Cup is a trophy awarded to the player that registers the most points in each of these four tournaments combined. The prizes are as follows:

       1st: Crusader Cup Trophy + $100;

       2nd: Trophy + $75;

       3rd: Trophy + $50.

Points will be scored using the following method:

       Total number of points scored in a tournament (1.0 for a win, 0.5 for a draw, 0 for a loss)

       Total number of games played in a tournament

       Forced byes count for 1 point

       Requested byes count for 0.5 point

Standings will be kept by the tournament director; prizes will be awarded at the John Bapst Open in May.

For questions, email Michael Dudley, tournament director, at