State Scholastic Championship Dates Chosen

10.25.10 The Maine Association of Chess Coaches met for their Scholastic Chess Fall Planning Meeting on October 23rd, 2010 at the University of Maine in Orono. A lively discussion of a number of topics took place not the least of which was the dates for the state scholastic championships. Here are the notes from the meeting thanks to MACC Board Member Ron Lewis.

MACC members (left to right) Kathy Richards, Ron Lewis, Ryan Tripp and Steve Abrahams in discussion at the annual Scholastic Chess Fall Planning Meeting, also in attendence were Tom Sandford, Kurt Klappenbach and Dan DeLuca.

The State Scholastic Championship dates were chosen and are as follows:

Teams-March 5th, 2011
Snow Date-March 12th, 2011
Individuals-March 19th, 2011
Girls-March 12th, 2011 or, if Snow Date used for Teams, April 2nd, 2011

Some salient items from the meeting notes:

Discussion on a general rule to limit number of players per team.

This has been a problem in the K-3 and K-6 sections for a few years (Championship and Novice). With a large number of entries from one school, it often happens that teams with just a few members will play only those players from the team with the large number as team members do not play each other). While some effort has been made to resolve this, it appears to be a lingering problem. The Board of Directors discussed this problem and decided that in order to provide more meaningful pairings, a team with 9 or more members in the K-3 section or 13 or more in the K-6 section will be required to split the team into two separate teams, e.g., A and B, and these will both be eligible to win trophies. The makeup of the separate teams will be at the discretion of the Coach, but will need to be identified as such on the entry forms (which will need to be modified).

Discussion on attracting additional help for organizing these events.

Dwindling interest and attendance at Coaches meetings (this is supposed to be the Maine Association of Chess Coaches) make this a more difficult task. Pleas for assistance in organizing the events will continue on the web site, and MECA will make appeals to its members. This tournament is a large undertaking; we need additional help including new blood to establish a sustainable mass for the Organizing Committee.

Steve Abrahams opened a discussion of the relationship between the MACC and MECA.

Steve noted that in several other states, the organization of the state scholastic championship events is typically performed by the state body. In discussion it was raised that this is the largest single chess tournament in the state and organization by MACC has been historically based. It began with George Cunningham and then passed on to Mike Schaab. With the expansion of the tournament to more sections and to a much greater number of players, it required more people for organizing than previously, and passed on to the present Organizing Committee when Mike left for MMA. MACC oversees only this single event, and, in essence, MACC acts as an independent arm of MECA in charge of its own budget. Some reluctance to directly merge the two entities (and treasuries) was raised due to past experience and future uncertainties. The Committee recognized the value of association with MECA (especially with the coordination of TDs), and expressed that the association should develop in other areas as well. It was commented that there is a scholastic liaison position in MECA that ought to be more clearly and extensively defined and that that liaison person should be present at MACC meetings. Steve indicated that he would take this information and continue the discussion at the annual MECA meeting (October 24).

Full text of MACC October 23, 2010 Meeting Notes

The MACC received a recognition plaque from the United States Chess Federation for placing first in attracting USCF members in the Small State Affiliate category for 2009...

and a plaque for placing eighth in attracting USCF members in the Adult Member category for 2009. Congratulations and a hearty, "thank you" for all MACC has done for scholastic chess over the years!

The next MACC meeting is scheduled for January 8th, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. in the Memorial Union at the University of Maine Orono. If this meeting is cancelled because of snow it will take place on January 15th, 2011. All are invited and encouraged, nay, beseeched to participate!

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