The Best of 2006

12.23.06 As 2006 comes to a close, take a look back at the year's ten most popular entries. We thought these stories were too good to read just once. From tournament reports and interviews to world chess news, analyzed games and much more, it's all here! You, our readers, have voted by clicking on these stories throughout the year. Now take a retrospective look at these year-in-review highlights in The Best of 2006. Happy Holidays!

1) 2006 Maine Scholastic Championship for Girls

2) Links to Some Great Chess Sites

3) Renaissance Man Ray Solinger

4) Aurora Winter Solstice

5) Rare as the Dodo Bird

6) Games from the 2006 Maine State Championship

7) Kramnik vs Deep Fritz: Deep Fritz Wins Match 4-2

8) Eastern Maine Open Tournament Report

9) Elista Shocker: Topalov Threatens to Withdraw

10) Airline School Fundraiser and Chess Collectors Exhibit

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