Fishbein, Bryan, and Belanoff Share First at 2023 Maine State Championship

05.01.23 The 2023 Maine State Chess Championship was played on April 21-23, 2023 at the Best Western Plus Waterville Grand Hotel in Waterville. Congratulations to the three Open Co-Champions: Matthew Fishbein, Jarod Bryan, and Ted Belanoff. Here's the illustrated tournament report.

Congratulations to the three 2023 Maine State Co-Champions (left to right): Matthew Fishbein,Ted Belanoff, and Jarod Bryan.

Thanks to Will Ravn, Aaron Spencer, and Nita Patel for contributing to this report.

The 2023 Maine State Championship was organized by Aaron Spencer and J. Paul Ciarrocchi and directed by Alex Relyea and Nita Patel. Thanks to Nita Patel for providing the images.

US Chess Crosstable of this event

Thirty-four players converged on the Best Western in Waterville on the weekend of April 21-23 to vie for the vaunted C. Stuart Laughlin trophy and the coveted title of Maine State Champion. The event offered three sections: Open, U1650, and U1000 and two- and three-day options. Time controls were: Open & U1650 40/90, SD/30; +30 (2-Day option G/65; +5) and U1100 G/45; +5.

In a very strong open field with an average rating of 1743, NM Ted Belanoff, FM Jarod Bryan, and NM Matthew Fishbien tied for first with 4/5 and shared the title of 2023 Maine State Co-Champions! Just off the winner's pace and tied for 4th with 3.5/5 were 2022 Champion Will Ravn and Aaron Spencer.

In the U1650 section, relative newcomer Matt Jablonski put up an impressive 5/5 to win the section outright and boost his provisional rating over 200 pts to 1427. Finishing second in his first ever US Chess event was Ben Clements who put up a strong 4/5 showing, losing only to the eventual U1650 section winner in the first round. Jose Humberto Lugo, Kyle M Porter, and Israel A Smith-Savage (also playing in his first-ever US Chess event) tied for 3rd place with 3/ 5.

In a small but hard-fought U1000 section, Mr. Derek James Rouleau took 1st with a perfect score of 4/4 followed by Abe Cronkhite with 3/4 and Ian R Mowatt with 1/4.

U1650 section winner Matt Jablonski

Second in the U1650 section Ben Clements

Third on tiebreaks in the U1650 section Israel Smith-Savage

Jarod Bryan (left) faces off against Ted Belanoff.

Matthew Fishbein strikes a similar pose.

The main tournament room in the Best Western Waterville Grand Hotel

Nathan Gates (left) plays Will Ravn.

The tournament was directed by Chief Tournament Director and FIDE International Arbiter Alex Relyea and Cheif Assistant Tournament Director Nita Patel.

Players enjoy some between-round skittles games.

Thadeus Gadomski (left) plays Anna Thomas in the U1650 section.

Tommy Owen (left) v Wyatt Hendrix

Ted Belanoff (left) v Glenn Miller

Thanks to all players, organizers, and directors for helping to make this year's Maine State Chess Championship a success!


Congratulations to everyone who played. Opportunities can be scarce in certain months of the year.

Much appreciation to
Alex Relyea & Nita Patel for directing the two day event.

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