MECA Elects New Board Members

01.02.23 The Maine Chess Association has elected new Executive Board members and Directors. We thank MECA members for casting their ballots and we welcome new leadership for the Association. Congratulations and best of luck to our new Board: John Paul Ciarrocchi, President; Dan DeLuca, Vice President; Aaron Spencer, Secretary; Wyatt Hendrix, Treasurer; Justin Fisette, Director; Jorge Oliveira, Director; Will Ravn, Director; and Hayden Tittle, Director.

The Maine Chess Association welcomes new and returning Board members.

Members of the Maine Chess Association Board can be reached at the following email addresses:

John Paul Ciarrocchi, President

Dan DeLuca, Vice President

Aaron Spencer, Secretary

Wyatt Hendrix, Treasurer

Justin Fisette, Director

Jorge Oliveira, Director

Will Ravn, Director

Hayden Tittle, Director

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