Colby College Students Build Virtual Reality Chess Environment

12.15.21 In Waterville, Maine, Colby College students are creating a three-dimensional virtual reality chess environment as part of a larger research project into how assistive technologies can expand information access, particularly for people with blindness and vision impairments.

Stacy Doore, assistant professor of computer science at Colby College, and Linn Cao '24 are part of team building a virtual reality chess environment. image: Colby College

Do people reason and learn in immersive virtual environments in different ways than in the real world? That is the central question in a research project at Colby College examining how assistive technologies can expand information access.


Would you be kind enough to give some details of the language and coding environments you are employing for the project?

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the comment. I would suggest contacting the researchers at Colby College directly for more information.


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