Opening Night at The Craft Maker's Gambit

11.07.21 The Craft Maker's Gambit: An Exhibition Inspired by the Game of Chess opened at Maine Craft Portland at 521 Congress Street on Friday, November 5th. Maine-made, chess-inspired, works of art were on display. The exhibition will continue though December 31st with special guest Women's Grandmaster and 2017 U. S. Women's Chess Champion Sabina Foisor giving a lecture on Thursday evening December 2nd and Blitz games on Friday, December 3rd. Watch for more details on these events coming soon.

Visit The Craft Maker's Gambit: An Exhibition Inspired by the Game of Chess at Maine Craft Portland at 521 Congress Street.

Please visit the official site of the exhibit here: The Craft Maker's Gambit: An Exhibition of Chess

Art exhibition opening nights engender a certain excitement in the community. When the theme of the opening is a topic that one is passionate about, that's a powerful combination.

Such was the kick-off to the two-month long exhibition at Maine Craft Portland entitled The Craft Maker's Gambit: An Exhibition Inspired by the Game of Chess.

Artisans, artists, and makers had an opportunity to express themselves through beautiful, inspirational, and sometimes whimsical chess sets, chess boards, and chess-inspired creations.

We hope you will be able to get over to Maine Craft Portland to see his exhibition in person. In the meantime, enjoy this preview.

Maine Craft Portland Manager Maria Wolff explains the process used to create her chess pieces.

A closer look at Maria's work: Chess Army Hammer and Formed Copper Pieces and David Masury's Chess Board Claro Walnut and Red Maple Burl Board with Katalox and Redwood Burl Veneer Base, Glass Playing Surface

Whitney Gill & Allison McKeen Checkmate on Aisle 9 Hand-Built Stoneware Pieces Painted in Acrylic, Acrylic on White Birch Board

Barbara Walsh in Collaboration with C. P. Woodman Chess Birds and Chessboard Puzzle Hand-Built Chess Pieces and Board

Don Best Cats & Dogs Chess Set Carved and Painted Wood Pieces and Board

James Macdonald & Lucky Platt Reigning Cats and Dogs Pyrography and Colored Pencil on Wood Pieces, Hand-Cut Marquetry on Bird's Eye Maple and Fumed Oak Board

Peter Lambshead Chess Set Lampwork Borosilicate Glass Pieces with 300-Year-Old Pine and Douglass Fir Table

Peter & Sandra Asselyn Chess Set Historic Maple and Apple Wood Hand-Turned Pieces with Hand-Carved Cotton Quilted Board.

Steve Hall Chess Table with Drawers Black Walnut and Bird's Eye Maple Top Finished with Urethane, Bird's Eye Maple Shellacked Dividers, Walnut Drawers Faces and Table Base Finished with Danish Oil

Opening Night corresponded with Portland's First Friday Art Walk.

Passers-by were treated to the works of a variety of artists and musicians.


I was there at about 7:30 along with Aaron Spencer, looks like we just missed you. We stayed for about 5 minutes and in that time I almost ran into an old woman and nearly knocked over a wooden sculpture.

I also had to pay $5 for parking in a garage and that was for just under an hour so if anyone is planning on being there multiple hours... factor that in. Having said that carpooling can help lower that cost.

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