Maine Well Represented at the Continental Open

8.22.21 Sturbridge, MA Nine Mainers entered the three or four day, seven round Continental Open in mid-August. Eight sections were offered, attracting 375 players. Elizabeth Mock attended the tournament and summitted this report.

Congratulations to the Maine players who competed in the 51st Continental Open.

Thanks to Elisabeth Mock for contributing to this report.

US Chess Crosstable 51st Annual Continental Open

US Chess Crosstable Continental Open Blitz

In the Under 2200 section, University of Maine student Wyatt Hendrix finished with 4.0 points. UConn student and Orono resident Ben Amar finished with 1.5 and noted he was pleased with several of his games.

Demonstrating the increasing competitiveness of chess in Maine, there were five players in the Under 2000 section. Leading the Maine contingent in points, Orono High School senior Tommy Owen finished with 5.0, followed by John Bapst Memorial High School senior Benjamin Mock with 4.5. Bradley Workman garnered 3.5 points and Orono High School junior Evan Smith finished with 3.0. Kennebunk resident John Phythyon finished with 2.5 points from 6.

Maine had no entries in the Under 1800, Under 1600 or Under 1200 sections. In the Under 1400 section, Brunswick High School first year student Gabriel Eaton notched an impressive 4.5 points, with the winning round seven game going longer than 3 hours. Cheverus High School student Ambrose McCullough finished with 3.0.

As the majority of the Maine contingent was 21 or younger, they didn't seem to mind playing two full games Saturday, then Blitz until 11:30 p.m. and starting back for the two final rounds on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Fifty-five players entered the Blitz. tournament Mock finished with 6.0/8. Owen finished with 5.0, Hendrix 4.5, Amar 4.5, McCullough 4.5, and Smith 4.0. It was one of the quickest and most well-organized Blitz tournaments in recent memory.

Congratulations to all the Maine players who participated and represented Maine so well at the Continental Open.

Gabe Eaton

Bradley Workman

Wyatt Hendrix

Ben Amar

Ambrose McCullough

Tommy Owen

Benjamin Mock

Evan Smith (left) and Bradley Workman chat before the next round.

John Phythyon

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