The Roger J. Morin Invitational Chess Tournament June 25-27, 2021

06.22.21 The 2021 Roger J. Morin Invitational will take place this weekend (June 25th-27th) with 5 rounds starting on Friday at 5 pm, Saturday 10 and 4, and Sunday 10 and 4 at the REM center in Waterville, Maine.

The 2021 Maine invitational will take place this weekend.

Thanks to Wyatt Hendrix for contributing to this report.

The time control will be 40/90, SD 30, with a 30 second increment from move 1.

It will be a 6 player single round robin. The players are:

1. Matthew Fishbein - 2285
2. Aaron Spencer - 2014
3. Benjamin Amar - 1998
4. Wyatt Hendrix - 1918
5. Tommy Owen - 1831
6. Benjamin Mock - 1797

Two players qualified via holding the state championship title, then three players were selected by rating. The participants then voted on a wildcard and among multiple candidates selected Tommy Owen.


The ME Chess Association chose not to sponsor in any way a Prestige Round Robin event of its top players, so I am not playing.

Will the games be broadcast anywhere?

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