The Roger J. Morin Scholarship for Maine High School Seniors and College Students

04.24.2021 The Roger J. Morin Scholarship Committee of the Maine Chess Association is now accepting applications for the Roger J. Morin Scholarship. This year, a single award or multiple awards totaling up to $500 will be awarded to Maine high school seniors and college students who are members of the Maine chess community. We encourage interested students to submit an application before the May 15, 2021 deadline.

Apply for the Roger J. Morin Scholarship!

Thanks to Micheal Dudley for contributing to this report.


My name is Isaac Dinnerstein, and I am a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School. As a chess player, I compete in tournaments whenever I can. I have played for years, probably a decade now.
As a teacher, I have done much more. As a weekly teacher to six young chess players, I have tutored them from them learning the rules of chess to where they are now (many of them are very strong now). I also run the Cape Elizabeth Chess Club, and have for going on two years now. I participated in the Denker National Tournament of High School State Champions last year. Before COVID started, I ran a Wednesday afternoon chess club at the library for beginners, and got many new players each week. I always strive to better myself as a chess player, and ultimately, a teacher, because the next generation is the generation that will need to teach the generation after that. Thank you for your consideration!

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