Maine Online Middle School Chess League: Final Report!

03.24.21 Maine Chess Association Director Kate Ervin has been instrumental in the organization and direction of the Maine Online Middle School Chess League. This report summarizes the results of the MOMSCL's six-week season.

The Maine Online Middle School Chess League concluded its six-week season. We congratulate all players and express our gratitude to parents, coaches, organizers, and directors for continuing to offer opportunities for students to play chess despite the challenging conditions brought on by the pandemic.

Thanks to Kate Ervin for contributing to this report.

The Maine Online Middle School Chess League (MOMSCL) concluded earlier this month, after 6 weeks of competition. It was an action-packed season, with 110 players competing across 14 teams. Here are the final results:

Congratulations to our trophy winners!

1st Place: The William S. Cohen School - 6 points
2nd Place: Orono Middle School - 4.5 points (125.75 USAT tiebreak points)
3rd Place: Brunswick Junior High School - 4.5 points (105.75 USAT tiebreak points)

Congratulations to our League MVP Isaac Klein! He scored a perfect 12 points for Cohen across the 6 weeks of the league.

And finally, congratulations to our Team MVPs. Each of these players scored the highest number of points for his/her team. In the case of a tie, the MVP was the player, who scored the most points on the most challenging board.

Bonny Eagle: Jaxson Sprowl

Camden-Rockport: Miles Kaplan

Deer Isle-Stonington: Sam Robbins

Boothbay: Anya Sulyandziga

Glenburn Team Gold: Micah Thibodeau

Glenburn Team Blue: Noah Evans

Islesboro: Connor Start

Belfast Team Green: Miles Flemming

THMS Lions: Piper Sanders

Orono: Camden Labree

Center Drive School: Dilan Colson

Brunswick: Gabe Eaton

Central Middle School: Daniel Dyer

Thank you to all the players and coaches who participated. Hope to see everyone online again soon at the upcoming Maine Scholastic Team Chess Championship on April 10th!


I think MVP should be Jacob Klein, not Isaac. as Isaac is much younger

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