Mathnasium Tournament Report

11.10.20 Eight players turned out for a tournament in two quad sections on Saturday November 7th at the Mathnasium of Portland, a vividly decorated and fun math tutoring and support center in South Portland. Here's the tournament report with images and US Chess crosstables.

Mathnasium Tournament Quad 1 players from left to right: Jason Davis, Aaron Spencer, Wyatt Hendrix, and Tristan Cousineau.

Thanks to Michael Dudley for contributing to this report.

US Chess Crosstable of this event

In Quad 1, Aaron Spencer took the top spot, sweeping the competition for a perfect 3.0/3. MECA Secretary Wyatt Hendrix was a point off the lead, finishing with 2.0/3. Tristan Cousineau and Jason Davis of New Hampshire tied for third in the quad with 0.5/3.

In Quad 2, Eli Slaughter demonstrated his might yet again by going a perfect 3.0/3 as well. Maine's 2020 Rockefeller representative, Miles Kaplan, scored well at 2.0/3, and Maine's 2020 Barber representative, Declan Thomas, scored 1.0/3. Newcomer Jacob Watson of Portland, in his first tournament, rounded out the crosstable scoreless.

Many thanks to tournament organizer Declan Thomas, and to Mathnasium of Portland, for hosting this event and doing its part to keep over-the-board play safe and alive in Maine! Hopefully we'll see another Mathnasium tournament soon!

Aaron Spencer (right) with the white pieces against Jason Davis

Quad 2 players left to right: Eli Slaughter, Miles Kaplan, and Declan Thomas (with Jacob Watson not pictured).

Wyatt Hendrix (left) and Tristan Cousineau square off in their third round encounter.

Jacob Watson (left) in his first tournament game vs Eli Slaughter.

Declan Thomas (left) and Miles Kaplan square off in their quad.

The layout of the Mathnasium during the first round of play. Thanks to all who participated!


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