Maine Defeats Tromsø, Norway in a 40-Game Match

11.29.20 Forty players participated in the Maine vs Tromsø, Norway Chess Match played online at on Sunday, November 29th. Maine Chess defeated SjakkTromsøs by the score of 22-18. We look forward to more chess battles with Tromsø and thank them for a well-played match. Here's coverage of the match including all the games.

SjakkTromsøs played Maine Chess in an online two-round, forty-player match on November 29, 2020.

Each competitor played two games (one with each color) at a time control of game in 20 minutes.

Thanks to the Tromsø Chess Club for setting up a convenient website to follow and replay the games of the Match.

And >> HERE << is the Club's report on the Match.

First round results

Second round results

Maine wins the Match 22-18.

This event was organized on the Maine side by Dr. Pavel Sulyandziga, a founder and current president of the International Indigenous Fund for Development and Solidarity (Batani) Foundation. Batani was created as an initiative of indigenous peoples in 2004 to organize development projects for indigenous peoples in Russia. For more information of the work of the Batani Foundation please visit their official website.

Thanks to Dr. Sulyandziga for bringing chess players from opposite sides of the globe together for this friendly competition.


Greetings from Tromsø!

I just postet our report of the match - its only in Norwegian. But its better graphics there if you like to switch the results graphics.

Thanks for the excitement and congrats!

That was such a fun experience! Cheers to Pavel for organizing such amazing online matches!

No pgn file?

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