National Chess Day 2020 Tournament Report

10.30.20 Twenty-two players came out to celebrate National Chess Day at a tournament played on October 10, 2020 at the Creative Arts Center in Brewer. The tournament offered two quads and an U1000 section. Here's the report with US Chess Crosstables.

Over-the-board chess being played at the National Chess Day 2020 tournament at the Creative Arts Center in Brewer on October 10, 2020.

Thanks to Steve Wong for contributing to this report.

US Chess Crosstable of this event

Eli Slaughter cleaned house in the top-rated quad scoring a perfect 3.0 points in three games. He was trailed by Wyatt Hendrix (2.0), Michael Dudley (1.0) and a scoreless Bruce Sherwood.

In Quad 2, Miles Kaplan put up 2.5 points just edging Jacob Klein with 2.0 points. Harry Hayes (1.0) and Ethan Yu (0.0) finished in third and fourth respectively.

Four players tied for first in the U1000 section with 3.0 points including: Sharon Klein, Joshua Lorenzo, Avery Zhang, and Garreth Logan. Christian Zhang tied for fifth place with 2.0 points along with: Kate Ervin, Pesto Couto, Matthew Davis, and Melissa Clark. Thuy Hang and Mayka Lapierre finished equal tenth with 1.0 point apiece and Mason Lapierre took 12th place.

William Kaplan (left) plays Emily Zheng and Bruce Sherwood takes on Mike Dudley in the background.

Back to front and left to right: Eli Slaughter vs Wyatt Hentrix, Bruce Sherwood vs Mike Dudley and William Kaplan vs Emily Zheng.

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