2nd Bangor City Championship Tournament Report

09.03.20 The 2nd Bangor City Championship was played on August 9-10, 2020 at the Creative Arts Center in Brewer, Maine. One of the few over-the-board tournaments to take place in Maine over the past few months, the Championship attracted six players who participated in a five-round G/75 +15 tournament. Here is the tournament report with US Chess crosstables.

Tournament winner Wyatt Hendrix contemplates a position
during a post-mortem after one of his games.

US Chess Crosstable of this event

Wyatt Hendrix took first at the 2nd Bangor City Championship with 5.0 points in five rounds. Trailing the leader was Ben Amar who put up 2.5 points in four rounds. Tommy Owen finished third with 2.0 points after four rounds.

Thanks to Steve Wong and his Creative Arts Center in Brewer, over-the-board tournament chess continues in Maine!

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