Maine Scholastic Individual Chess Championships (Online) Tournament Report

06.28.20 This weekend the Maine Scholastic Individual Chess Championships took place online at The event attracted thirty-nine players in three sections: K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 and selected the Maine nominees to the Denker, Barber, and Rockefeller national scholastic tournaments. hosted the 2020 Maine Scholastic Individual Chess Championships on Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th, 2020.

US Chess Crosstable of this event

Games and Results from the High School Section

Games and Results from the 6-8 Section

Games and Results from the K-5 Section

Maine Chess Association president Michael Dudley submitted this report:

To All Participants, Families, and Coaches,

Thanks so much for such a smooth sailing tournament! I was so impressed with how everyone was on time and ready to go well in advance. Thank you all so much for your sportsmanship and participation!

I am writing to let you know of the tentative results, which will be finalized upon completion of's fair play analysis. While we have completed an in-person analysis of the results for fair play and are confident in the results, they are subject to change contingent upon's analysis. Without further ado...

...congratulations to Isaac Dinnerstein and Evan Smith, who tied for first in the high school section with 3.5/4. Isaac placed first on tiebreaks and is Maine's High School State Scholastic Champion and Maine's presumptive nominee for the Denker Tournament of High School Champions. Behind the leaders with 3.0/4 was Bach Nguyen (3rd on tiebreaks). In the U1200 section, three folks with 1.5 points placed: Gavin Worcester placed first, Edmund Zuis second, and Parker Black third.

Congratulations to Declan Thomas, who placed first and is Maine's 6-8 State Scholastic Champion with 3.0/4 and the presumptive nominee for the Barber Tournament of 6-8 Champions. Tying Declan with 3.0/4 are Walker Bayless (2nd on tiebreaks), Joshua Lorenzo (3rd on tiebreaks), and Ethan Yu (4th on tiebreaks).

Miles Kaplan, placed first and is Maine's K-5 State Scholastic Champion with a perfect 4.0, and Maine's first presumptive nominee for the Rockefeller Tournament of K-5 Champions. Following behind Miles with 3.0/4 were Christian Zhang (2nd on tiebreaks), and Avery Gobin (3rd on tiebreaks). In the 2-3 grade group, first place goes to Avery Zhang, with 2.0/4; tying with Avery are Teo Seviciu and Frances Bayless with 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. In the K-1 group, Theo Reichl finished first with 3.0/4, followed by Isaac Klein in second (1.0/4) and William Kaplan in third (1.0/4).

If the result changes as's fair play analysis comes in, we will keep you informed.

Great work, and thank you so much again! Keep playing and stay sharp!

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