21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Tournament Report

03.02.20 Scholastic chess tournaments in Maine continue to impress with the interest they generate and the numbers of players they attract. The 21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day tournament played on Monday, January 20, 2020 at the Old Town United Methodist Church in Old Town, Maine attracted 105 players in six sections: Open, K-12, K-8, K-6, K-4, and a non-rated section. Thanks to the organizers, directors, and players for making this tournament a huge success.

Tala Bayless (left) makes a move in her game at the 21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day chess tournament on January 20, 2020 in Old Town, Maine.

US Chess Crosstable of this event

Tommy Owen rocked the Open section of the 21st Annual MLK Jr. Day chess tournament with a perfect 4.0 points in four rounds rocketing his US Chess rating to within a hair's breath of 1800. Tristian Cousineau and Ben Mock finished behind the leader in equal second with 3.0 points.

Liam Farrell and Devon Hunter topped the twenty-seven player K-12 section with unbeaten and untied scores of 4.0 points. Tied for second place in the K-12 section were: Tobias Coffey, Atticus Foster, Tala Bayless, Mason Woodman, and Tomasso Wheeler.

Declan Schilling and Eli Swartz finished equal first in the K-8 section putting up 3.5 points apiece. Tied for third with 3,0 points were: Jacob Klein, Francis Joseph, Joshua Lorenzo, Ethan Yu, Kevin Carpenter, and Christian Zhang.

Harrison Seavey won the K-6 section with 3.5 points. He was trailed by Adam McClure in second with 3.0 points, and Kyle Kilhefner and Liam Mitchell who tied for third place with 2.5 points.

A two-way tie for first ensued in the K-4 section between Avery Zhang and Frances Bayless each who scored 3.5 points. TJ Kilhefner took third with 3.0 points.

Tournament organizer Joe Alex (left) and tournament director Steve Wong hand out awards at the prizegiving ceremony at the 21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day chess tournament.

Action in the K-12 section

Happy players at the 21st Annual MLK Jr. Day chess tournament.

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