MECA Meeting Minutes October 28, 2019

11.24.19 The Maine Chess Association held an Executive Board meeting on October 28, 2019. Thanks to MECA Secretary Wyatt Hendrix, we bring you the meeting minutes. You can also find these minutes on the Board Room link.

Minutes from the MECA Meeting on October 28, 2019.

MECA Meeting Minutes October 28, 2019


I totally agree with MR. Sallisbury’s comment. Be great to have the Maine state tournament open, be alit more fun then the same people playing each other. I feel its almost a bit boring at times and thats no good for chess here at all.

A couple of comments on the recent Executive Board votes; An open State Championship might encourage a few strong players from away to participate, and this could only benefit Maine players in the long run by providing more competition. A scholarship fund in Roger Morin's name would be a great way to honor his love, contributions, and dedication to the game in Maine.

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