Cynthia Cui Wins Houlton Spring Open

04.07.19 Cynthia Cui of New Brunswick, Canada took clear first at the seven-player Houlton Spring Open played on Saturday, April 6th at the Art Studio in Houlton, Maine. Roger Morin came second and Tristan Cousineau took clear third. Here's the illustrated tournament report with US Chess crosstables.

Tournament winner Cynthia Cui plays Lance Beloungie to a draw in round one of the Houlton Spring Open. This was Cui's only draw of the four-round tournament. She finished in clear first place with 3.5 points.

Thanks for Roger Morin for contributing to this report.

US Chess crosstable of this event

On the verge of an expert-level rating, Cynthia Cui went undefeated in four games at the Spring Houlton Open. She took down Roger Hardison, Nathan Gates, and Roger Morin, and settled for a draw with Lance Beloungie to finish the tournament in clear first place with 3.5 points.

Morin was close on the winner's heels scoring 3.0 points and taking clear second.

In third it was Orono Middle School up-and-comer Tristan Cousineau who put up 2.5 points.

Nathan Gates and Lance Beloungie shared equal fourth with 2.0 points and Vadym Stolilov and Roger Hardison rounded out the crosstable in sixth and seventh place respectively.

Thanks to Roger Morin for organizing and directing this tournament and to all who participated.

Yadvm Stoilov (left) and Tristan Cousineau

Nathan Gates (left) plays Roger Hardison.

Fortresses, Figurines, and Futility: What playing chess feels like when your opponent is Cynthia Cui.


I really liked the futility chess photo.

Best to Roger.

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