WCC R4: A Easy, Comfortable Draw for Caruana With Black

11.13.18 So far in this World Chess Championship Match the player with the white pieces has had a very difficult time whipping up any kind of advantage. In today's game, Game 4 of the Match, Fabiano Caruana held the positions with black comfortably and with relative ease. The players shook hands after thirty-four moves had been made. This, incidentally, was only four moves more than the rule that stipulates no draw offer are to be made before move thirty.

Magnus Carlsen (left) and Fabiano Caruana prepare to extend their hands before the beginning of Game 4 at the World Chess Championship Match in London. images: worldchess.com

The opening was a Four Knights Variation of the English. Not completely unexpected but not one of the most popular opening choices from the World Champion. The players banged out the first ten moves quite quickly and when the knights came off the board after white's 13th move the position had the feel of a draw. Of course, as we have seen in many games from the World Champion, he will push even the most miniscule advantage to try and provoke his opponent into committing an error. In this game though that wasn't to be. Caruana played surely and solidly and the players called it a draw after white's 34th move, which was only four moves after the rule enforced in this Match that prohibits draw offers before thirty moves.

In a post game interview, Carlsen admitted that Caruana seems to have out prepared him with the black pieces.

Wednesday is the second rest day. Game 5 will begin on Thursday, November 15th at 10:00 a.m. eastern U.S.

Check out analysis of Game 4 from GM Alexander Yermonlinsky courtesy of chess.com:

Magnus Carlsen was unable to create winning chances with the white pieces in Game 4.

Super solid Fabiano Caruana held comfortably with black.

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Match Schedule
All games will be played at 10:00 a.m. eastern U.S. time (3:00 p.m. GMT.)

Game 1 Friday, November 9

Game 2 Saturday, November 10

Rest Day Sunday, November 11

Game 3 Monday, November 12

Game 4 Tuesday, November 13

Rest Day Wednesday, November 14

Game 5 Thursday, November 15

Game 6 Friday, November 16

Rest Day Saturday, November 17

Game 7 Sunday, November 18

Game 8 Monday, November 19

Rest Day Tuesday, November 20

Game 9 Wednesday, November 21

Game 10 Thursday, November 22

Rest Day Friday, November 23

Game 11 Saturday, November 24

Rest Day Sunday, November 25

Game 12 Monday, November 26

Tie Break/Awards Ceremony Tuesday, November 27

Tie Break/Awards Ceremony Wednesday, November 28

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