WCC R10: A Match of Two Equals

11.22.18 Game 10 of the World Championship Match has ended in a draw. This marks the tenth consecutive draw in a Match between two equally skilled gladiators. There remain two classical time control games. If the Match is tied after Game 12, the tiebreak portion of the Match will commence.

Ten games ten draws at the World Chess Championship Match images: worldchess.com

Game 10 repeated Game 8 with another Sveshnikov Sicilian. The first deviation--12.b4--was played by the Challenger. On seeing this move, Judit Polgar, commenting for the official worldchess.com broadcast, offered that Caruana once again is the first to surprise with his excellent preparation and anticipated the coming of a complicated middle game. Remaining poker faced immediately after seeing b4, Carlsen later let out a huge sign as an indication of once again falling into Caruana's preparation.

When Caruana played 16.Be6 the clocks told an interesting tale. From moves 12 through 15 Caruana used less than two minutes to Carlsen's over 26 minutes.

Sooner or later this type of out-preparation has got to get to the Champion. Caruana was making his moves instantly while Calsen seemed to be suffering.

After black's 17th move, former World Champion Garry Kasparov commented that the position was too sharp to favor one side or the other.

Caruana's 19.Ra3 and 20.Bc7 may have indicated that the Challenger was showing his hand that he did not want to enter the Rapid and Blitz phase in the Match and was instead pressing his chances.

Carlsen played 23...Qg5, a move that opened a door of possibility for the Challenger in the form of a hanging black pawn on the b5 square. After an eighteen-minute think, Caruana declined the proffered pawn with 24.g6.

With 8 seconds remaining on his clock, the Challenger played 40.Kh2 to make the time control.

Some exciting chess followed and, on move 53, white went up a pawn in a three vs two pawn and rook endgame. This was not enough though and the players agreed to a draw on the next move.

A moral victory for the Challenger? Maybe so, he out-prepared and out-played the Champion but after ten games the Match is tied at 5.0 points.

Tomorrow is a rest day.

Game 11 will begin at 10:00 a.m. eastern U.S. on Saturday, November 24th.

Carlsen, despite his best efforts, has not been able to crack his opponent's preparation and play during this Match.

Former World Champion Garry Kasparov comments on Game 10

Fabiano Caruana speaks with the press after Game 10.

A disappointed Magnus Carlsen said he was so nervous during the game that he could not "make it work."

Official Site of the FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2018

Official site of the venue for the Match: The College

Match Schedule
All games will be played at 10:00 a.m. eastern U.S. time (3:00 p.m. GMT.)

Game 1 Friday, November 9

Game 2 Saturday, November 10

Rest Day Sunday, November 11

Game 3 Monday, November 12

Game 4 Tuesday, November 13

Rest Day Wednesday, November 14

Game 5 Thursday, November 15

Game 6 Friday, November 16

Rest Day Saturday, November 17

Game 7 Sunday, November 18

Game 8 Monday, November 19

Rest Day Tuesday, November 20

Game 9 Wednesday, November 21

Game 10 Thursday, November 22

Rest Day Friday, November 23

Game 11 Saturday, November 24

Rest Day Sunday, November 25

Game 12 Monday, November 26

Tie Break/Awards Ceremony Tuesday, November 27

Tie Break/Awards Ceremony Wednesday, November 28

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