Leonardo Cui Wins May Houlton Open

05.29.18 On May 26, 2018, twelve players competed in the May Houlton Open at the Art Studio in Houlton, Maine. Leonardo Cui from New Brunswick took top honors with 3.5 points in four games. Three players trailed the leader with 3.0 points: Bill Hartt, Ben Mock, and Wyatt Hendrix. Here's the tournament report with US Chess crosstables and fiveselected games.

Leonardo Cui (file photo) won the May Houlton Open with 3.5 points in four games.

US Chess crosstable of this event

Thanks to Roger Morin and Wyatt Hendrix for contributing to this report.

Leonardo Cui won his last round game vs Bill Hartt to take clear first in the tournament with 3.5 points. Three more high-school aged players followed with 3.0 points including Bill Hartt, Ben Mock, and Wyatt Hendrix.

Cynthia Cui took sole fifth place with 2.5 points. She was trailed by two players in the 2.0 point score bracket: Aaron Spencer and Ray Haines. The more experienced guard of Roger Morin and Lance Beloungie each put up 1.5 points and Tristan Cousineau (1011), with a nice win over Morin (1900), scored a single point. Rounding out the crosstable were Nathan Gates and Roger Hardison with half a point each.

Click >>HERE<< to view five games from this event.


Thanks for a great event Roger.

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