Dan Robbins is Inaugural Crusader Cup Champion

05.06.18 Wyatt Hendrix and Brian Hurst tied for first in the John Bapst Open played on Saturday, May 5th at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor. The big story, however, was Dan Robbins's win of the 2017-2018, four-tournament, Crusader Cup Series!

Crusader Cup Champion Dan Robbins (right) squares off against Rob Shore in round one of the John Bapst Open.

Thanks to Mike Dudley and Wyatt Hendrix for contributing to this report.

Wyatt Hendrix and Brian Hurst shared equal first at the John Bapst Open with 3.0 points. The leaders were followed by Michael Porter, Nathan Gates and Ben Mock each scoring 2.5 points.

Evan Smith took first in the U1400 section with 3.0 points. He was trailed by Kyle Porter and Luc Blanchette.

Tristan Cousineau defeated all comers in the U100 section for a perfect 4.0 points in as many rounds. Three players tied for second place with 3.0 points including: Ian Villmore, Alain Blanchette, and Benjamin Deschesne.

The Crusader Cup Series was the brainchild of tournament director, tournament organizer, and John Bapst Memorial chess team coach Mike Dudley. The Series consisted of four tournaments played over the course of nine months. The tournaments were: the Bapst End of Summer Tournament: September 9th, 2017; the Bapst Fall Tournament: October 28th, 2017; the Bapst New Year's Tournament: January 6th, 2018; and the John Bapst Open: May 5th, 2018. Here are the crosstables of these four events:

US Chess crosstable of the John Baspt Open

US Chess crosstable of the Bapst New Year's Tournament

US Chess crosstable of the Bapst Fall Tournament

US Chess crosstable of the Bapst End of Summer Tournament

Crusader Cup 2017 -2018 Final Standings

1 Dan Robbins 25.5
2 Nathan Gates 24.5
3 Wyatt Hendrix 23
4 Benjamin Mock 22.5
5 Brian Hurst 19.5
6 Kenneth Park 18.5
7 Alain Blanchette 18
8 Roger Morin 17
Luc Blanchette 17
10 Joshua Batstone 15.5
Andrew Brenneman 15.5

Dan Robbins takes home the first Cup as the inaugural Crusader Cup Champion!

The tense final game between Wyatt Hendrix (left) and Nathan Gates, which would ultimately decide the winner of both the tournament and the cup! An exchange didn't even happen until move 33! From left to right, Michael Porter, new TD Stevie Baston, Brian Hurst, and Dan Robbins watch in the background

The participants in the U1400 section (left to right): Evan Smith, Canadian National qualifier Luc Blanchette, Kenneth Park, and Kyle Porter.

The U1000 contingent

The bling: The Crusader Cup, courtesy of Danforth Pewter in Middlebury, Vermont, and a ceremonial bottle of Moxie for the winner

Phil Lowell (left) versus Nathan Gates in the first round.

Kenneth Park faces off against Kyle Porter.

A closer look at the inscribed Crusader Cup


Congrats Dan!

Congratulations Dan! Well done!

Nice job Dan!

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