Breaking News: World Championship Match may Move to St. Louis

03.30.18 Leonard Barden, a chess correspondent at The Guardian, reports that Billionaire Rex Sinquefield, the brains and bankroll behind both the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis and the World Chess Hall of Fame, may bid to host the upcoming World Championship Match between current Champion Maguns Carlsen and Challenger Fabiano Caruana in St. Louis. Barden writes that Sinquefield may try to woo the World Chess Federation with a higher prize fund into moving the Match from its currently scheduled location in London.

The Match is currently scheduled for November 9-28, 2018 in London but that could change.

St. Louis may bid for Fabiano Caruana versus Magnus Carlsen match


There is NO way Magnus would nor should agree to play the WCC in Caruana's home city in the U.S. Chess capital. This smacks as a shameless attempt by Rex Sinquefield to buy Fabio a home-field advantage.

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