Candidates Round 12 Game: Caruana-Aronian Annotated by Wyatt Hendrix

03.28.18 contributing annotator Wyatt Hendrix takes a look at the Round 12 game Caruana-Aronian played in the recently completed Candidates tournament in Berlin. This game came on the heels of Caruana's eleventh-round loss to Karjakin. It was one of the most pivotal games of the tournament and a crucial victory that propelled Caruana towards the Challenger title.

Levon Aronian (left) and Fabiano Caruana discuss their Round 12 game with FIDE Press Secretary Anastasiya Karlovich at the post-game press conference.
(image courtesy broadcast)

Thanks to Wyatt Hendrix for submitting his analysis of this fascinating game.

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Thank you for this analysis, Wyatt!

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