Lincolnville Central School K-8 Tournament Report

01.15.18 Thirty-nine scholastic players came out to compete in the first US Chess rated tournament at the Lincolnville Central School in Lincolnville, Maine. The tournament was played in four sections: Grades 7-8, Grades 4-6, Grades 2-3, and Grades K-1. We would like to thank all the players, parents, coaches, and volunteers for making this premier tournament a great success and a big bow of gratitude to Lincolnville Central School for hosting. Here is the illustrated tournament report with US Chess crosstables.

Stained glass in the lobby welcomed players to the Lincolnville Central School K-8 Chess Tournament on Monday, January 15, 2018.

US Chess crosstable of this event

The Lincolnville Central School K-8 Chess Tournament was a four-round, four-section event.

In the Grade 7-8 section, Ronin Deschamps went unbeaten and untied to put up 4.0 points in four rounds and take clear first place. He was trailed by Eli Slaughter and Cabot Adams each scoring 3.0 points and tying for second place. Henry Saggese held onto fourth place with 2.0 points and Miles Cannon scored 1.5 points for fifth place. Corey Deschamps and Zeke Slaughter shared sixth place with 1.0 point and Tristan Bannister rounded out the crosstable with one draw and half a point.

The Grade 4-6 section resulted in a two-way tie for first between Sully Bryant and Rohan Joseph each who scored 3.0 points. Just off the lead with 2.5 points were Sam Duval and Thomas Pickford. In equal fifth place, scoring 2.0 points, were: Lucas Newsom, Ward Morrison, Gabe Austin, and Maggie O'Brien. Sophia Skrivanich put up 1.0 point for ninth place.

A three-way tie for first ensued in the Grade 2-3 section between James Kimmett, Zachary Egeland, and Grant Morrison with 3.0 points. On the winners' heels were Andy O'Brien and Jack Lytton each scoring 2.5 points and tying for fourth place. The 2.0 point getters were: Noah Seliger, Mason Moody, Py Nakjaroen, and Justin Massey. Willa Yetman and Maggie McCarthy scored 1.0 and Maia Andrews went scoreless on the day.

Oren Hurley defeated all comers in the Grade K-1 section to take clear first with 4.0 points. Ray Beach and Maggie Harbaugh tied for second with 3.0 points. Lily Fishman was the sole 2.0 point getter which was good enough for clear fourth place. Four players put up 1.5 points including: Jack O'Brien, Nathalie Nelson, Anneka Egeland, and Alli Moody. Closing out the crosstable in the K-1 section with 1.0 point were Pearl Moody and Glenn Bitely.

Thanks again to all who make this a great event. Special thanks also to Bruce Haffner who pulled us all together and organized the tournament.

Ronin Deschamps took first in the Grade 7-8 section with a perfect 4.0 points in four games.

Eli Slaughter tied for second in the Grade 7-8 section with

Cabot Adams.

Henry Saggese finished fourth in the Grade 7-8 section with 2.0 points.

Miles Cannon

Corey Deschamp

Zeke Slaughter

Tristan Bannister

The Grade 7-8 players

In the Grade 4-6 section two players tied for first with 3.0 points: Sully Bryant and

Rohan Joseph.

Sam Duval put up 2.5 points as did

Thomas Pickford.

Lucas Newsom

Ward Morrison

Gabe Austin

Maggie O'Brien

The Grade 4-6 contingent

A three-way tie ensued in the Grade 2-3 section between: James Kimmett,

Zachary Egeland, and

Grant Morrison.

Andy O'Brien shared fourth place with

Jack Lytton.

Noah Seliger

Mason Moody

Py Nakjaroen

Justin Massey

Willa Yetman

Maggie McCarthy

Maia Andrews

The Grade 2-4 players

Oren Hurley was King for the day in the Grade K-1 section winning all his games to take first place.

Ray Beach ties for second place in the Grade K-1 section with

Maggie Harbaugh.

Lily Fishman scored 2.0 points for sole fourth place.

Jack O'Brien

Nathalie Nelson

Anneka Egeland

Glenn Bitely

Winners all in the Grade K-1 section

Thanks to Bruce Haffner and Ilianna Kahn for their great help and support!

The next time you're in Lincolnville be sure to stop by the newly renovated and beautiful Lincolnville General Store.


Impressive tournament to have all sections USCF rated . It shows some dedication to the game . A question for the TD, I was under the impression to have a section rated one player had to have a USCF rating . This can't be true though because the bottom section was rated with what looks like all players playing in their first tournament . Can you clarify the USCF rule on this matter for a novice TD like myself ?

Hi Phil,
I would refer to Rule 8.6 Rating entire events. The steps are delineated by which a tournament gets rated including setting ratings for unrated players. It seems that all players can be unrated in a section and receive ratings at the conclusion of the tournament. --Dan

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