Bapst Fall Tournament Report

12.05.17 In celebration of National Chess Day, John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor hosted the Bapst Fall 2017 Chess Tournament on October 28, 2017. In two sections, Open and U800, the tournament attracted 25 players. In the Open section, Roger Morin was perfect on the day with 4.0 points in four games and Joshua Batstone claimed the top spot in the U800 section with 3.5 points. Here's the illustrated tournament report with US Chess crosstables and two selected games.

Action at the Bapst Fall 2017 Tournament played at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor on October 28, 2017.

US Chess crosstable of this event

Thanks to Wyatt Hendrix for contributing to this report.

In top form in the Open section, Roger Morin defeated all comers to score 4.0 points in as many games. He was closely trailed by Dan Robbins who finished clear second with 3.5 points. Wyatt Hendrix finished in sole third with 3.0 points. After these top three came Nathan Gates, Jacques Blanchette, and Andrew Brenneman with 2.5 points.

In the U800 section, Joshua Batstone had only one draw in the second round to keep him from scoring 4.0 points. He finished with 3.5 points which was good for first place. Alain Blanchette was close on the winner's heels with 3.0 points. Kenneth Park and Michael Hardy each scored 2.5 points to finish equal third.

Tournament winner Roger Morin (right) chats with tournament organizer and director Mike Dudley.

Top U1200 player Andrew Brenneman with the spoils of victory.

Mike Dudley congratulates Wyatt Hendrix on a fine performance.

And does the same for Dan Robbins.

Da bling!

Dan Robbins - Aaron Spencer

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Andrew Brenneman - Dan Robbins

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