Crusader Cup Standings

10.06.17 The Crusader Cup is a four-tournament, year-long competition hosted by John Bapst Memorial High School. One tournament, the Bapst End of Summer tournament, has been played with three remaining. The next Crusader Cup event is scheduled for October 28th. Please see the Events page for more details. Here are the Crusader Cup current standings.

Samanthak Thiagarajan (left) is one of six players leading in the Crusader Cup standings.

Crusader Cup Standings After the First Event

The Crusader Cup Series

A series of four tournaments will be held at John Bapst in Bangor:
·       Bapst End of Summer Tournament: September 9th, 2017;
·       Bapst Fall Tournament: October 28th, 2017;
·       Bapst New Year's Tournament: January 6th, 2018;
·       John Bapst Open: May 5th, 2018
The Crusader Cup will be a trophy awarded to the player that registers the most points in each of these four tournaments combined. The prizes are as follows:
·       1st: Crusader Cup Trophy + $100;
·       2nd: Trophy + $75;
·       3rd: Trophy + $50.
Points will be scored using the following method:
·       Total number of points scored in a tournament (1.0 for a win, 0.5 for a draw, 0 for a loss)
·       Total number of games played in a tournament
·       Forced byes count for 1 point total
·       Requested byes do not count for points
Standings will be kept by the tournament director, and prizes will be awarded at the John Bapst Open in May.
For questions, email Michael Dudley, tournament director, at

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