The Art of Chess Journalism at Maine Maritime Academy

10.07.17 On Thursday, October 5th, Editor and Maine Chess Association Vice President Dan DeLuca guest lectured to an Honors Seminar class at Maine Maritime Academy on the topic of The Art of Chess Journalism. The seminar, Chess as Metaphor, is co-taught by Paul Wlodkowski, Tom Batt, and Amy Gutow and spans the fields of history, mathematics, military strategy, economics, psychology, and international affairs.

Leavitt Hall on the campus of Maine Maritime Academy

Any topic in chess, specific openings, puzzles, chess history and literature, can be far reaching. The topic of The Art of Chess Journalism, as it was explored by the Chess as Metaphor Honors Seminar at Maine Maritime Academy, was equally extensive exploring topics such as world championship chess, computer chess, chess as a game, sport, art and science and even the relationship between extraterrestrial intelligence and chess!

The presenter wishes to thank Professors Wlodkowski, Batt, and Gutow and all the Honors Seminar students for making the experience an enriching and rewarding one.

The presenter discussing some groundbreaking works of chess literature: Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, The Defense by Vladimir Nabokov, and Chess Story by Stefan Zweig.

After the lecture there was an interesting Q&A session.

Professor of Engineering Dr. Paul Wlodkowski

Dr. Wlodkowski's office contains some interesting chess artifacts including this analog clock made in West Germany that was a gift from a Russian émigré during Dr. Wlodkowski's years at Cony High School.

The well-worn clock is still in use!

This beautiful Drueke set and wooden board was a gift from Dr. Wlodkowski's grandfather.

The famous countenance of the Drueke Knight!

The Chess as Metaphor Honors Seminar meets in Dismukes Hall.

In the company of a stately grove of elm trees.

MMA students heading to class on Pleasant Street.

In 2003, Maine Maritime Academy gained prominence as one of the top fifty engineering colleges in the United States.

MMA boasts many accomplished alumni including The Honorable Kenneth M. Curtis '52.

MMA is located in the beautiful costal town of Castine.

The pier overlooking Castine Harbor

The iconic Dice Head Light built in 1828

Back Shore Beach looks west on Wadsworth Cove.

To learn more about Maine Maritime Academy visit their official website.


Congratulations Paul on initiating a
chess seminar at Maine Maritime
Academy. Would love to hear more
as it progresses.
Terrific picture of you at your desk.Thanks for the other pictures
you sent us as well.
I am proud of what you have done
In your work.

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