Cape Elizabeth National Chess Day Tournament Report

10.11.17 In an initiative to boost chess activity in the southern part of Maine, the Cape Elizabeth Chess Club established a new chess tournament, allowing more players from the greater Portland to compete in chess related events. On Saturday, October 14th, twenty-six players participated in the Cape Elizabeth National Chess Day tournament. We bring you the tournament report with US Chess crosstables.

Beautiful artwork by local artist Mark Abbott announced the tournament.

Thanks to Eric Dinnerstein and Phil Lowell for contributing to this event.

USCF Crosstable of this event

In the rated section, eighteen players were divided into four sections (three quads and one Swiss section). The winners were: Tyler Rodenberger (Freshman at Cape Elizabeth High School), Luke O'Kelly (Freshman at Cape Elizabeth High School), Barry Magda (Member of the Maine Chess Association Policy Board) and Henry Abrahamsen (sixth grader at Cape Elizabeth Middle School). In the Novice non rated section, Clark Abrahamsen (a good day for the family! attending Cape Elizabeth Elementary School) won first place, followed by Eli Beber and Noah Abbott (both from Cape Elizabeth Middle School). Congratulation to the winners!

The tournament took place at the Local Buzz Coffee House in Cape Elizabeth, which gave the tournament a cool and relaxed ambiance. Thanks to the Local Buzz for allowing us to take over their place for the day!

Thanks to Philip Lowell who organized and directed the tournament, which ran smooth and was very exciting! We couldn't have done this without him! Thanks to the many parents and players who helped prepare and carry out the event.

Quad winners Henry Abrahamsen, Tyler Rodenberger, and Luke O'Kelly

Winners in the Novice section: Eli Beber, Clarke Abrahamsen, and Noah Abbott

Thanks to the Local Buzz Coffee House for hosting this event!

The Cape Elizabeth National Chess Day tournament room inside the Local Buzz Coffee House in Cape Elizabeth.

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