Four-Way Tie at Bapst End of Summer Tournament

09.10.17 Four players each put up 3.0 points in the Open section of the Bapst End of Summer tournament played on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor. The winners were: Aaron Spencer, Ryan Tripp, Jacques Blanchette, and Brian Hurst. In the U1200 section, Luc Blanchette, Samanthak Thiagarajan, and Andrew Brenneman shared the top spot. Here's the illustrated tournament report with crosstables.

Tournament co-winners Aaron Spencer (right) and Ryan Tripp play each other in the final round.

Thanks to Michael Dudley and Brian Roderick for contributing to this report.

USCF Crosstable of this event

Thirteen players competed in the Open section of the Bapst End of Summer tournament. After the four winners who put up 3.0 points each--Aaron Spencer, Ryan Tripp, Jacques Blanchette, and Brian Hurst--there followed Roger Morin as the sole 2.5 point getter, Dan Robbins and Tony Freudig (2.0), Nathan Gates, Wyatt Hendrix, and Roger Hardison (1.5), and Benjamin Mock, Brian Roderick, and Andrew Nevells (1.0).

In the U1200 section, unrated Luc Blanchette tied for first with Samanthak Thiagarajan, and Andrew Brenneman with 3.0 points. Catherine Rudnicki, William Schissler, and Alain Blanchette rounded out the field scoring 1.0 point apiece.

Thanks to tournament organizer and tournament director Michael Dudley for offering this tournament!

The tournament room for this event was the pleasant John Bapst Library.

A fine result for Brian Hurst--3.0 points and a share of equal first.

Coming into the tournament unrated, Jacques Blanchette (right) finished tied for first place with 3.0 points. Here he plays Dan Robbins who, by the way, took down Aaron Spencer in the first round.

Vetri Vel (right) plays U1200 co-champion Samanthak Thiagarajan in round three.

Player/photographer Brian Roderick

Tournament director Michael Dudley in full kilt regalia!


We hope all of you will come out for the slew of tournaments coming up next! The energy is picking up on the chess scene and it's awesome!

a great tournament,,,had a wonderful time...thanks to all for making it a success

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