2017 State Scholastic Chess Individual Championships Tournament Report

03.25.17 One hundred one scholastic chess players (and eight grown-ups) competed in the State Scholastic Individual Championships (and Sidekick Quads) on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the University of Maine in Orono. Winners in each section were: HS: Ian Youth, HS U1200: Brian Conti and Nehemiah Brown, JHS: Liam Farrell, K-6: Robbie Trowbridge and William Xu, K-3: Jacob Klein. Here's the illustrated tournament report with results and a selected game.

Congratulations to Maine's 2017 High School State Champion Ian Youth.

HS Championship & HS U1200 USCF Crosstables

K-3, K-6, & JHS USCF Crosstables

Sidekick Quad USCF Crosstables


HS Championship Final Standings

HS U1200 Final Standings

JHS Championship Final Standings

K-6 Championship Final Standings Page 1

K-6 Championship Final Standings Page 2

K-3 Championship Final Standings

It was an exciting day of chess for scholastic players from around the state. State championship titles were awarded in the High School Championship, High School U1200, Junior High School, K-6, and K-3 sections.

In the High School Championship section, Ian Youth won four in a row to take the title. Ben Amar and Nathan Dunn shared equal second with 3.0 points.

Brian Conti and Nehemiah Brown are co-champions in the High School U1200 section. They were trailed by five players scoring 3.0 points: Patrick Tyne, Linh Nguyen, Vipul Periwal, Sebastian Johns, and Colby Tuffley.

In the Junior High School Championship section, Liam Farrell put up 3.5 points to take first place. A four-way tie for second place ensued between: Benjamin Mock, Vetri Vel, Isaac Dinnerstein, and Atticus Foster.

Robbie Trowbridge and William Xu are co-champions in the K-6 section. Both players scored a perfect 4.0 points in four games. Trailing the leaders and scoring 3.0 points were: Anthony Mitchell, Samuel Brissette Hatch, Milo Sanokklis, Ander Erickson, Evan Smith, and Omair Khan.

Jacob Klein repeated his performance from the team event two weeks ago and scored a perfect 4.0 points in four games. Co-runners up in the K-3 section were: John Li, Dhruv Jain, Surya Vel, and Ethan Davis.

In addition to the scholastic sections, there was the 13th Annual Sidekick Quads. Quad 1 was won by Sergio Mejia with 2.5 points. He was trailed by Brian Hurst (2.0), Robert Bridgham (1.0) and Ed Nevells (1.0). Michael Dudley went three-for-three to win Quad 2. Dudley was followed by Andrew Nevells (2.0), David Bishop (1.0) and Eric Dinnerstein (0.0).

Thanks to all players, parents, coaches, and volunteers for participating in and helping make this event a success. A special thank you goes to organizers and tournament directors Tom Sandford, Phil Lowell, Steve Wong, Kathy Richards, Andy Bryan, and Elizabeth Mock.

Here's the exciting game with annotations that clinched the high school state championship for Ian Youth.

Ian Youth - Ben Amar; Round 4, Maine State High School Individual Championships

Ben Amar shared second in the High School Championship section with

Nathan Dunn.

Joseph Powell put up 2.0 points as did

Bill Hartt

Aidan Thomas, Nathan Shemwell (not pictured) and

Greg Wadsworth.

Catherine Rudnicki, the only female player in the High School Championship section scored 1.0 point.

Winners all in the High School Championship section

Brian Conti tied for first in the HS U1200 section with

Nehemiah Brown.

Tied for third were: Patrick Tyne

Linh Nguyen

Vipul Periwal

Sebastian Johns and

Colby Tuffley.

Zack Grindal

SooZin Cha

The High School U1200's

Liam Farrell won the Junior High School section with 3.5 points.

Last year's winner, Benjamin Mock, was just off the lead in the 3.0 point getter group which included

Vetri Vel

Isaac Dinnerstein

and Atticus Foster.

Oliver Brown Patricio scored 2.5 points along with

Tommy Owen.

Swaroop Handral

Clara Parker

Cyrus Grindal

George Pitt

Magali De Lannee

Elise Branch

Analise Gordon

The Junior High School Championship tournament room

The Junior High School players with their awards.

Robbie Trowbridge and

William Xu are the 2017 K-6 State Champions

Anthony Mitchell led the group with three points including

Samuel Brissette Hatch

Milo Sanokklis

Ander Erickson

Evan Smith

Omair Khan and

Isaiah Brissette Hatch (left) with Tate Porter.

Simon Shyka-Brown

Sofia Brown Patricio

Amelia Buxton

Violet Damon

Abby Hise

Will Grover

Lukas Modrusan

Zachary Arnold

Lily Campbell

William Depke

Tournament director Tom Sandford helps answer a player's question in the K-6 section.

The K-6 contingent

K-3 State Champion Jacob Klein scored 4.0 points in four games.

Tied for second in the K-3 section were: John Li (not pictured), Dhruv Jain,

Surya Vel, and

Ethan Davis.

Matthew Lo

Archer Hansen

Anthony Pinkham

Ebba Hidestrand

Glenn Modrusan

Awnin Oxley

Shreyassu Handral

Stella Damon

Westly Gagne

K-3 players at the boards and

at the awards giving.

This set was brought over from Germany by one of our coach's grandmothers!

Sergio Mejia (background left) won Quad 1 and Michael Dudley (foreground right) won Quad 2.

Brian Hurst (left) plays Ed Nevells in Sidekick Quad 1.

Eric Dinnerstein (left) takes on David Bishop in Quad 2.

Lots of hard work went into organizing and directing this tournament. We sincerely thank Steve Wong and the crew of directors and volunteers that helped make this event run smoothly.


Congratulations on reaching the pinnacle of scholastic chess in Maine and being able to represent Maine at the Denker. Beware of 2150 - 2250 players offering free pawns .

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