Robert Bridgham Wins George Cunningham Brilliancy Prize

02.10.17 Established by and funded by a generous anonymous donor, the George Cunningham Brilliancy Prize was created to remember and honor one of the most influential figures in Maine chess history and to recognize games played in the state that evoke a certain harmony and aesthetic. The winner of the Prize for the three-month period November 2016 - January 2017 is Robert Bridgham for his game vs Roger Morin at the IM Danny Kopec UMaine Memorial Tournament played on November 19th in Orono. For recognition of Robert's play in this exciting game, he will receive $100. Congratulations Robert!

Congratulations to Robert Bridgham for winning the George Cunningham Brilliancy Prize for the three-month period November 2016 - January 2017.

Here's the game that won Robert Bridgham the Prize:

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Interesting game. Does Bg3 on move 17 work to hold everything together? It seems like black's attack then is delayed a bit, maybe long enough for white to bring a few pieces around to defend.
Although the plan of Ne7, Ng6 and Nf4 still looks dangerous for Black and he'd then be only down a pawn.

Congratulations Bob!
Great job against a great player too!

again ....congratulations Bob....Roger

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