IM Danny Kopec Memorial Tournament Report

11.20.16 Thirty-eight players turned out to honor the memory of former University of Maine professor and Maine State Chess Champion International Master Danny Kopec on Saturday, November 19, 2016 in the Bangor Room at the University of Maine Orono Memorial Union. Winners were: Sergio Mejia (Open), Stevie Baston (U2000), and Anthony Freudig (U1550). Here is the illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstables. We would welcome the submission of any games from this event to post on our games link.

Sergio Mejia on his way to 3.5 points and first place in the Open section.

The Open section consisted of six players. Sergio Mejia got off to a modest start with a first round draw in his game with Ryan Tripp but picked up the pace winning three straight to finish with 3.5 points and first place. Trailing the winner were: Jarod Bryan (3.0), Roger Morin and Robert Bridgham (2.0), Ryan Tripp (1.5) and Chester Young (0.0).

In the U2000 section, the second to the lowest seeded player, Stevie Baston, came out on top with 3.5 points. Phil Lowell was just off the winning pace with 3.0 points. Ed Nevells, Daniel Robbins and Bill Hartt tied for third place with 2.5 points. Ramiro Sebastian Ponce and Brain Hurst shared sixth place with (2.0) and the rest of the field: Curt Brock, Nathan Gates, Tom Sandford and Wyatt Hendrix tied with 1.5 points apiece.

Anthony Freudig topped the U1550 with the only perfect score of the day. Freuding scored 4.0 points in four games. Roger Hardison, Ben Amar, and Joseph Astumian shared second place with 3.0 points. Michael Dudley and Linh Nguyen (the tournament's only female participant) both put up 2.5 points in front of six players scoring 2.0: William Gallagher, Nathan Dunn, J. Paul Ciarrocchi, Benjamin Mock, Greg Dimoulas, and Patrick Tyne. Nathan Shemell was the sole 1.5 point getter. Nehemiah Brown, Benjamin Rote, and Logan Arsenault scored 1.0 point and D.J. Pelletier and Drew Thibodeau rounded out the U1550 crosstable with (0.5) and (0.0) respectively.

Thanks to tournament organizer Jarod Bryan, and Tournament Directors Alex Relyea and Nita Patel for hosting this event and to all players, parents, and coaches who participated. All proceeds from this tournament were donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

USCF crosstable of this event

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Second in the Open section Jarod Bryan

Roger Morin is still going strong putting up 2.0 points along with...

Robert Bridgham.

Ryan Tripp nicked the winner of the tournament, Sergio Mejia, with a draw in the first round.

Chester Young played some interesting games but was unable to get on the scorecard.

Stevie Baston won the U2000 section with 3.5 points

Phil Lowell scored 3.0 points.

Top seeded in the U2000 section, Ed Nevells tied for third with

Daniel Robbins and

Bill Hartt.

Sebastian Ponce got 2.0 points along with Brian Hurst.

Always a tough competitor: Curt Brock

Nathan Gates

Tom Sandford

Wyatt Hendrix

Tony Freudig topped the U1550 section with a perfect score.

Roger Hardison shared second with

Ben Amar and

Joseph Astumian.

John Bapst Memorial High School teacher and chess coach Michael Dudley

Linh Nguyen

Nathan Dunn

J. Paul Ciarrocchi

Ben Mock

Greg Dimoulas

Patrick Tyne

Nathan Shemwell

Benjamin Rote

Drew Thibodeau

Assistant tournament director Nita Patel at the helm.


Wow! What an impressive, first-class summary of the dkm. Sorry I missed it. Troll sez, You should have taken a better pix of NKP. Other than that . .
Congratulations. Looks like it was a beauty of a tournament. Pk

Special thanks to our co-organizers and sponsors Tom Sandford, Billy Hartt, and MECA. Also, thanks to those who gave extra to Danny's charity with registration.

It was a great pleasure to have Orono HS coach Rick Jelley, Oswaldo Ponce (visiting his son from Ecuador), and Dean Astumian serve as house players so that everyone who wanted four games was able to get them.

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