Carlsen Wins!

11.30.16 In a dramatic four-game, rapid chess showdown, World Champion Magnus Carlsen beat challenger Sergey Karjakin 3-1 to win the Match and retain his title. The encounter had many heart-stopping moments particularly in Game 2 when Carlsen had not only a winning position but actually a forced mate. Remarkably, with just seconds remaining on his clock, Karjakin squeezed blood out of stone and escaped with a draw. Unphased, Carlsen came back to win the next two games and ice the match with the final score of 9-7.

Carlsen wins the World Chess Championship Match and retains his title.

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After missing many golden chances to win in Game 2 with the White pieces, Carlsen came back to win Game 3 with Black. Then it was bleak at best for Karjakin who tried to mix it up with Black in the last game by spurning the Berlin and playing the Sicilian. In a difficult position, with very little time on his clock, he fell into a mating net and had to resign in a picturesque position.

Time trouble was the scourge of Karjakin's tie break mini-match. In game after game, he got behind on the clock and allowed his time to run dangerously low. He admitted in the press conference that he had a difficult time making the adjustment from the classical time control of Games 1-12 to the rapid G/25 +10 in the tie break games.

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At the moment of capitulation, Karjakin has a smile on his face showing his great sportsmanship and genuine appreciation for the beautiful mating net position that has appeared in front of him.

A fitting final position to end the 2016 FIDE World Chess Championship Match.

Congratulations Magnus Carlsen!

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