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04.02.16 For over 16 years, the Maine Mathematics Science & Engineering Talents Search (MMSETS) has been offering a variety of mathematics, engineering, and problem-solving enrichment classes for children and adults alike. MMSETS has offered after school and vacation workshops for children, problem solving competitions, workshops for children and adults, and continuing education and curriculum development classes for teachers. Over the years, many students who have taken part in MMSETS classes, camps, and workshops have also been involved with scholastic chess in their schools and communities. ChessMaine pleased to pool our efforts to enrich the MMSETS curriculum with chess and chess instruction for children across the state.

A student works on a Knight's Tour problem at a recent Junior Engineering and Mathematics Camp sponsored by the Maine Mathematic Science & Engineering Talent Search.

MMSETS has announced their summer camp programs and we are pleased to share the details with you. Students will have a blast as they learn new concepts through playing games such as bowling, billiards, chess, and from programming robots they will build. The learning is disguised through play, and since the students are applying concepts as they learn them, and are having fun while doing so, the lessons will be more easily recalled and applied. Building modular origami constructions is challenging, but students will want to finish these projects while, at the same time, improving their spatial vision. For Lego Robotics, the program uses a Mindstorms EV3 31313 building set. Students love to program the robots they build.

A Typical Day: Each day is divided into a morning and afternoon session with lunch and free/play time breaking up the sessions. The age groups work separately in each session on age-appropriate math problems/games, modular origami or Lego Robotics and then switch in the afternoon.

All of the camp activities are designed by an engineer and a mathematician. The head teacher on site is a mathematician. For examples of the math problems, an explanation of modular origami, and general information, please visit MMSETS on Facebook or If you have questions you can contact the Director of the Junior Engineering programs Dr. Eva Szillery at


Kennebunk Summer Program (grades 3-5 AND grades 6-8) - Kennebunk - June 27 - July 1
Falmouth Summer Program (grades 3-5 AND grades 6-8) - Falmouth - July 11 - 15
Bangor Summer Program (grades 3-5 AND grades 6-8) - Bangor - July 18 - 22
Falmouth Summer Program (grades 3-5 AND grades 6-8) - Falmouth - July 25 - 29

For more information on the Maine Mathematics Science & Engineering Talent Search, their camps, and educational opportunities for children and adults please visit the MMSETS website.

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