2016 Women's World Chess Championship

03.07.16 The Women's World Chess Championship Match 2016 between the current World Champion Mariya Muzychuk of Ukraine and Challenger Hou Yifan of China (former World Champion 2010-2012, 2013-2015) takes place in Lviv, Ukraine, on March 1-18, 2016. After three games Yifan leads 2.0-1.0. You can watch the games as they happen using our live games link.

GM Mariya Muzychuk (left) and GM Hou Yifan begin their match for the Women's World Chess Championship in Lviv, Ukraine.
image courtesy Vitaliy Hrabar

The Players

Mariya Muzychuk (Ukrainian player, born September 21, 1992) is the 15th Women's World Champion. She was granted the title of Grandmaster after her victory in the 2015 Women's World Chess Championship, which was held from March 17 to April 7, 2015 in Sochi, Russia.

Hou Yifan (born February 27, 1994, in Xinghua, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China) is Chinese chess player, two-time Women's World Chess Champion, the youngest ever to win the title, as well as the youngest female player ever to qualify for the title of Grandmaster.

The Schedule
Games start at 8:30 a.m. eastern time

March 1 Tuesday 19:00 Opening Ceremony Lviv Opera House
March 2 Wednesday 15:00 Game 1 Potocki Palace
March 3 Thursday 15:00 Game 2 Potocki Palace
March 4 Friday Day Off
March 5 Saturday 15:00 Game 3 Potocki Palace
March 6 Sunday 15:00 Game 4 Potocki Palace
March 7 Monday Day Off
March 8 Tuesday 15:00 Game 5 Potocki Palace
March 9 Wednesday 15:00 Game 6 Potocki Palace
March 10 Thursday Day Off
March 11 Friday 15:00 Game 7 Potocki Palace
March 12 Saturday 15:00 Game 8 Potocki Palace
March 13 Sunday Day Off
March 14 Monday 15:00 Game 9 Potocki Palace
March 15 Tuesday Day Off
March 16 Wednesday 15:00 Game 10 Potocki Palace
March 17 Thursday Day Off
March 18 Friday 15:00 Tie-break games Potocki Palace
March 18 Friday 18:00 Closing Ceremony TBA

Click on the link to follow the live games as they are being played >>LIVE Game Link<<

>>Official Tournament Site of the 2016 Women's World Chess Championship<<

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