Phil Lowell Receives ChessMaine's Inaugural Brilliancy Prize

01.07.16 Throughout the history of chess, players have received awards for particularly beautiful games usually featuring sacrificial attacks and unexpected moves. These awards, known as brilliancy prizes, recognize a player's contribution to both artistic and technical aspects of the game. Because the winner of a chess game is, as Savielly Tartakower quipped, "the one who makes the next-to-last mistake," brilliancy prizes do not require strictly sound play or the best moves by either side. Congratulations to Phil Lowell for becoming the first player in a hopefully long list to receive the ChessMaine Brilliancy Prize for one of his games in the 2016 Bangor Open.

The position in Lowell - Ravn, Bangor Open January 3, 2016 after White's 18. Nhf5

Until we get a corporate sponsor or a philanthropic chess supporter willing to donate to the ChessMaine Brilliancy Prize fund, recipients will have to content themselves on the intrinsic satisfaction of a game well played and recognition on as honorarium.

We encourage players to submit their games for publication on the Games page and for Brilliancy Prize consideration.

To replay the game that received the brilliancy prize, please click the link below.

Phil Lowell - Will Ravn, 2016 Bangor Open Round 3, January 3, 2016


Interesting game, but seems to me 18...bh8 19. ne7+ rxe7 20.rxe7 nd5 and black stays alive.

Well done Phil! Dangerous as usual

WOW 3 days into the year and the most brilliant game of 2016 has already been discovered, Congrats, Will and Phill, unf. I get a blank page when I try the game. The old game player (as is so often the case!) worked fine.
End move is great, tho!
p.s. the number four is '4'

I played the game over 2 times....a well deserved prize..congratulations Phil

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