Dick Powell and Gilda Garcia Become King and Queen

11.14.15 It is with great joy that we report the marriage of legendary Deer Isle-Stonington chess coach Dick Powell and Gilda Garcia. The newlyweds took their vows at the First Congregational Church in Deer Isle on Saturday, November 14th then celebrated with family and friends at Flex It Cafe and Bakery in Ellsworth. Here are some images from their first day as husband and wife.

The happy couple!

The lovely bride Gilda Garcia arrives via limousine.

The beautiful ceremony was officiated by Rev. Amy Vaughn.

Ready to celebrate!

Flex It in Ellsworth provided a delightful venue for post-ceremony partying. The food was excellent and...

the libations flowing.

We were treated to some dancing Zumba style.

And more traditional slow dancing.

We wish our dear friends Dick and Gilda all the best for a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness together!

Thanks to Raul Perdomo for sharing photos for this report.


Felicidades Veronica y Richard que sean muy felices. Forever and e ver!!!! :D

Que alegría verlos tan felices, mis felicitaciones Richard y Gilda que Dios bendiga el nuevo hogar. Que se cumpla aquello de "Y FUERON MUY FELICES PARA SIEMPRE"

Heartiest, warmest congrats to a wonderful couple! Dick in a suit and dancing? Never thought we'd see it. sorry we missed the big event and looking forward to our next get together with Mr and Mrs Powell.

Who knew dick was such a romantic:). Great day, and Gilda is a great gal. Congrats Monsieur!!!

You both look really good and happy. Congratulations!

Many Congrats! I wish you all the best!!!

Congrats! Wishing you both the best! Nice to see Monsieur Powell in a suit!

My Gosh!

What a revolting development!

Dick is in a suit! I think that is the first time I ever saw him dressed up. Congratulations to Gilda for this deed.

Best Wishes to both. I am happy that Dick now has a travelling companion.

Fred Irons

CONGRATS... An uplifting "Mate"

wonderful....wonderful...congratulations to Dick and Gilda

Congratulations! What wonderful news and what a lovely couple you make! We wish you many happy years together.

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