A YouTube Chess Video with over 1 Million Views

10.19.15 GM Max Dlugy hosts Banter Blitz sessions on the Internet Chess Club's YouTube channel. During a recent session, GM Dlugy was lured into an obscure line in the Budapest Defense by a well-prepared player rated ICC 1400. First the GM loses his queen, then he gets mated! Watch this instructive and very entertaining video with the confidence that class players can and do take down internationally titled players.

GM Max Dlugy about to get a lesson from TrickyMate (ICC 1400) in a 3:00 minute blitz game on his new Internet show Banter Blitz. In GM Dlugy's words, "I never saw this before."

GM Max Dlugy Plays Banter Blitz Games on ChessClub.com
Scroll to 8:57 to watch the game Dlugy-TrickyMate on the Internet Chess Club's YouTube channel.

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