May Houlton Open Tournament Report

05.07.17 Six players competed in the small but strong Houlton Open on May 2nd at the Art Studio on Court Street in Houlton. Roger Morin and Ray Haines shared the top spot in this three-round, G/75 tournament. Just off the lead with 2.0 points was Lance Beloungie.

Roger Morin (left) squares off against Ryan Tripp in round three of the May Houlton Open.

Thanks to Roger Morin for contributing to this report.

USCF crosstable of this event

No surprises in how the crosstable shook down in this tournament with the top two seeds, Roger Morin and Ray Haines, sharing first place and the third seed, Ryan Tripp just getting edged out of third place by Lance Beloungie. Roger Hardison tied with Tripp to share fifth and Nathan Gates had a tough go of it rounding out the crosstable scoreless.

Lance Beloungie (left) plays tournament co-champion Ray Haines while Roger Hardison (background left) takes on Nathan Gates.

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