10th Annual Aurora Winter Solstice Tournament Report

12.13.14 In its tenth year, the Aurora Winter Solstice Tournament broke an attendance record with forty-eight players competing in four USCF-rated sections---Open, U1400, U800 and U400. Edward Nevells (1765) tied for first with Aaron Spencer (2156) and Jarod Bryan (2216) in a fourteen-player field that contained four players rated over 2000. Tony Freudig won the U1400 section with 3.0 points in three games, and Gregg Wadsworth took top U1200 honors in that section. Cam Stewart won clear first in the U800 section with an unbeaten and untied performance. In the U400 section, there was a logjam at the top with four players posting 3.0 points: Ian Pomroy, Ben McIntire, Kai Diel, and Natalie Sheehan.

Student artwork adorns the walls at the Aurora Winter Solstice Tournament played on Saturday, December 13th at the Airline Community School in Aurora, Maine.

Thanks to all who made this event a great success: parents, coaches, volunteers, and players.

USCF crosstable of this event

Edward Nevells rose like cream to the top of the wall chart on a very strong performance.

Aaron Spencer the tournament's second-highest-rated player was part of the three-way tie for first with Nevells and

Jarod Bryan

Sergio Mejia tied for fourth place with:

Roger Morin and

Ian Youth, who scored two wins in a very difficult field.

Zach Bence scored 1.5 points and tied with

Cameron Wendell and

Curt Brock

Lance Beloungie put up 1.0 point on two draws.

Roger Hardison

Brian Roderick doing a Harry Nelson Pillsbury.

Joseph Powell

Glenn Snyder

Tony Freudig topped the U1400 section with 3.0 points in three games.

Gregg Wadsworth took top honors as the best U1200 player in the U1400 section.

Andrew Nevells put up a point in the U1400 section.

J. Paul Ciarrocchi rounded out the U1400 crosstable scoreless in this one.

Winners all in the U800 section!

Likewise for the U400 section!

One of the best parts of the Aurora Winter Solstice is the food and the gracious hospitality of the kitchen crew!

Action in the U1400 section

Jarod Bryan (left) and Curt Brock chat about possibilities after their first round game.

Ben McIntire takes a look at the book he won for his performance in the U400 section.

Closer inspection would warm any chess coach's heart.

In the skittles room it was bughouse and soda.

Along with a few video games to ease the chess tension.

Cameron Wendell (left) and Roger Hardison go over their game under the watchful eye of astute chess students.

This last round encounter between Yi Peng (left) and Jacob McPhee was a real barn burner. At the wire, Peng was able to eek out the win in a well-fought game.

Thanks again to all and hope to see you at the Aurora Winter Solstice 2015 edition


best 3 round event in maine

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