Ellsworth Chess Club Defeats Bangor in a Seven-Board Match

08.28.14 On Wednesday evening August 27th at the Ellsworth Public Library, the Ellsworth Chess Club upset the Bangor Chess Club 8-6 in a seven-board, two-games-each match despite missing five of their top ten chess players. There will be a return match in September in Bangor at BAM! Bookstore.

Dick Powell (left) and Peter Goebel play for the Ellsworth Chess Club in their match vs. the Bangor Chess Club.

Thanks to Dick Powell for contributing to this report. Images courtesy of Taylor Vortherms and the Ellsworth American.

Games from this event coming soon!

Three Ellsworth chess players--Steve Tucker at board 2, Peter Goebel at board 6, and Isaiah Fallon at board 7--won both of their games. Chris Kerrigan of Franklin got a win a board 1 while Mark Woida from MDI defeated Aaron Spencer of Bangor in the final game of the day to insure the Ellsworth victory. Woida had lost the first game to Spencer but with the match on the line he prevailed securing the win for Ellsworth. Isaac Marnik and Dick Powell also played for Ellsworth.

Aaron Spencer (foreground left) plays Mark Wioda while Isaac Marnik (background left) tangles with Gabe Borland.

Steve Tucker (right) on the move in his game.

Thanks to the Ellsworth Public Library for hosting this event.


I help instruct the Ellsworth Middle school chess club for 5-8 graders. Was wondering if any of your members may want to come in and talk to the kids, Teach them a few skills, We will be starting our meetings Nov.7th, so anytime after that would be great. We have lots of in-experienced players, and thought it would be nice for them to learn scoring, timing, and any other skills. We had 28 kids last year, but I think that will increase this year dramatically. If interested, call me 667-8505 Karen Thanks

what are the ratings of the Bangor team, individually?

Was this a rated match?

Hi Alex,

No, this match was not USCF rated.


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