Ted Belanoff Wins 2014 ChessMaine.net Championship

07.14.14 Ted Belanoff, a master from New York, took his opponents out in succession to score a perfect 4.0 points in four games at the 2014 ChessMaine.net Championship contested at Colby College on June 29th. Jarod Bryan, Matthew Fishbein and Lance Beloungie managed 2.5 points and tied for 2nd-4th place in the open section. Here's the illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstables.

The tournament room at the ChessMaine.net Championship in Colby College's Diamond Building.

USCF crosstable of this event

In addition to the open section, players competed in the U1550 and U1250 sections as well. In the U1550 section, Darrell Butler took first place with 2.0 points. He was followed by Lee Doucette and Andy Bryan (1.5 points) and Daniel Fishbein (1.0 points). In the U1250 section, a three-way tie ensued between Ben Amar, Saadh Ahmed and Julia Kennedy all scoring 2.0 points. William Xu was unable to make inroads and finished the tournament scoreless.

Thanks to all who participated in this tournament and to Colby College for again hosting this event.

A tough man to photograph. Ted Belanoff focuses on the board and only the board on his way to a perfect score in the open section of the ChessMaine.net Championship.

Three payers tied for second in the open section: Jarod Bryan

Matthew Fishbein and

Lance Beloungie

Curt Brock put up 2.0 points.

Roger Morin tied for 6th-8th place with

Phil Lowell and

William Ravn

John Brady

Brian Hurst

Darrell Butler took first in the U1550 section with 2.0 points.

Lee Doucette put up 1.5 points in the U1550 section as did

Andy Bryan

Daniel Fishbein, otherwise known as Matthew's Dad.

Ben Amar tied for first in the U1250 section with

Saadh Ahmed and

the tournament's only female player Julia Kennedy.

William Xu contemplates the board in round 1. Thanks again to all who participated!

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