Cha and Serban Share Title at Girls Championship

03.10.13 SooZin Cha and Claudia Serban shared the top spot at the Girls Championship played at the University of Maine Orono on March 2nd scoring 3.5 points in four rounds. Hui Kennedy took clear third with 3.0 points. The St. Valentine Day Massacre Quads were held concurrent with the Girls Championship. We bring you images, crosstables and selected games.

Winners at the Girls Championship (left to right): Hui Kennedy (third), Claudia Serban (equal first) and SooZin Cha (equal first).

Nine players competed in the 8th Annual Maine Girls Championship. Soozin Cha (Deer Isle-Stonington) and Claudia Serban (Bath) took first with 3.5 points in four rounds. Following the leaders was Hui Kennedy (Medomak) with 3.0 points. Four players tied for fourth place with 2.0 points: Olympia Serban, Orly Vaughn, Rylee Eaton and Pearl Macee. Sarah Richards and Elizabeth Gray rounded out the crosstable with 1.0 point apiece.

Twelve players competed in three quads at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre played alongside the Girls Championship. Each player played a round robin of three games against players in their quad.

Roger Morin took first in Quad 1 with 2.5 points. He was followed by Max Berube and Geroge Spahn (1.5) and Aaron Falzerano (0.5).

In Quad 2, Jamin Fletcher topped the crosstable with 2.5 points. Fletcher was trailed by Tom Sandford (2.0), Dan Robbins (1.5) and William Ravn (0.0).

Dick Powell was a clear winner in Quad 3 with 3.0 points. Andy Vaughn scored 2.0 points and Lois Morin and Ted Serban put up 0.5 points each.

USCF crosstable of the Girls Championship

USCF crosstable of the St. Valentine's Day Quads

Games from the St. Valentine's Day Quads

SooZin Cha shares the title of 2013 Maine Girls Champion with...

Claudia Serban

The final round game between Cha and Serban ended in a draw to give each player 3.5 points.

Hui Kennedy scored 3.0 points and took third.

Olympia Serban (background left) plays Hui Kennedy while Elizabeth Gray (background right) plays Orly Vaughn.

Orly Vaughn scored 2.0 points to tie for fourth place.

Rylee Eaton also scored 2.0 points for an equal share of fourth place.

Sarah Richards

Pearl Macee

Medomak coach Jim Dubois relaxes in the skittles room.

Winner in Quad 1 Roger Morin (left) plays George Spahn.

Aaron Falzerano (left) tangles with Max Berube.

Jamin Fletcher took first in Quad 2 with 2.5 points.

Tom Sandford put up 2.0 points in Quad 2.

Dan Robbins (1.5)

William Ravn (0.0)

Quad 3 winner Dick Powell (left) plays Ted Serban.

Andy Vaughn and Lois Morin prepare for their Quad 3 game.

Tools of the trade

The Girls Championship was organized and directed by Dan DeLuca. The St. Valentine's Day Quads were organized and directed by Tom Sandford. Thanks to all who participated.

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