Sixty-three Players Compete at Stillwater Montessori School MLK Tournament

01.22.13 A very strong turnout was on hand for the 14th Annual MLK Chess Day Tournament at the Stillwater Montessori School in Old Town on January 21, 2013. Sixty-three players competed in four sections. The winners were: Roger Morin (Open), Nicholas Kawamura (K-12), Stuart MacKay and Zack Grindal (K-8) and Ben Fitzpatrick (K-6 non-rated). Players, please send games from this tournament to for publishing.

K-8 section player Cyrus Grindal is asked his impressions of the tournament by filmaker Veronica Young.

USCF crosstable of this event

Games from this event

In the sixteen-player open section, Roger Morin continued in his winning form to take first on an unbeaten and untied performance with 4.0 points. Tying for 2nd-4th with 3.0 points were Aaron Spencer, Josh Audibert and Max Berube.

Nicholas Kawamura took first in the K-12 section with 2.5 points. He was trailed by Orly Vaughn (2.0), Reid Rauch (1.0) and Brendan Penfold (0.5).

In the K-8 section, the tournament's largest section with thirty players, a two-way tie ensued between Stuart MacKay and Zack Grindal each scoring 4.0 points. Six players tied for 3rd-8th: Ben Amar, Catherine Rudnicki, Adam Gagnon, Forrest Blakenship, Vetri Vel and Oliver Sheehan.

Ben Fitzpatrick topped the K-6 non-rated section with a perfect 4.0 points. Benjamin Spear, William Xu, Erin Gerbi and Tommaso Wheeler were close on the winner's heels scoring 3.0 points. In the 2.0 point bracket were: Porter Hubbard, Megan Gerbi, James King and Saima Ahmed. Lily Millard, Dominic King and Cameron Parlee scored 1.0 point each and Elizabeth Shum rounded out the crosstable.

This tournament was organized by Joe Alex and directed by Dan DeLuca and Andy Bryan.

Thanks to all volunteers, parents, coaches and players for making this, the 14th Annual MLK Day Tournament at Stillwater Montessori School, a great success.

Tournament winner Roger Morin

Aaron Spencer tied for second with...

Josh Audibert

and Max Berube

Paul Rudnicki was the sole 2.5 point getter for 5th place.

Darrell Butler of the Waterville Chess Club scored 2.0 points as did...

George Spahn

Forrest M. Blankenship

Andy Vaughn

Ryan Tripp

and Brian Hurst

Ed Hatch (1.5)

Glenn Snyder (1.5)

Paul Rudnicki (left) and Josh Audibert won the top K-12 player in the open section and top U1600 player awards respectively.

The K-12 section was a four-player round robin.

The section's youngest player, Nicholas Kawamura, took the top spot with 2.5 points.

Orly Vaughn put up 2.0 points for second place.

Reid Rauch (1.0)

Brendan Penfold (0.5)

Winners in the K-12 section (left to right): Reid Rauch, Brendan Penfold, Orly Vaughn and Nicolas Kawamura.

The thirty-player K-8 section saw many interesting games.

Stuart MacKay tied for first with...

Zack Grindal

Ben Amar scored 3.0 points along with...

Catherine Rudnicki

Adam Gagnon

Forrest Blankenship

Vetri Vel

and Oliver Sheehan

Alex Fago was the sole 2.5 point getter landing in 9th place.

Michael Hayden topped (via tiebreaks) eleven players who scored 2.0 points including...

Saada Ahmed

Joseph Astumian

Jonathan Donnellly

Colyn Rich

Ben Penfold

Eamon Laskey

Jacob Cote

Cyrus Grindal

Cody Ross

and Logan Severance who is looking at his game with coach Steve Wong.

Brendan Parlee (1.5)

Eli Spahn (1.5)

Natalie Sheehan (1.0)

Paul Fortier (1.0)

Omar Khan (1.0)

Winners in the K-8 section (left to right): Zack Grindal (equal 1st), Catherine Rudnicki (equal 3rd), Forrest Blankenship (equal 3rd), Vetri Vel (equal 3rd), Stuart MacKay (equal 1st), Adam Gagnon (equal 3rd) and Ben Amar (equal 3rd).

Ben Fitzpatrick topped the K-6 non-rated section with 4.0 points.

Benjamin Spear tied for 2nd-5th place with...

William Xu

Erin Gerbi

and Tomasso Wheeler

Porter Hubbard scored 2.0 points as did...

Megan Gerbi

James King

and Saima Ahmed

Lily Millard (1.0)

Dominic King (1.0)

Cameron Parlee (1.0)

Winners in the K-6 non-rated section

Henry the Blue-Tounged Skink is still doing well and may have even picked up some chess after watching so many MLK tournaments through the glass. Thanks to all and we hope to see you at the 15th Annual MLK tournament in January 2014!

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